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Global Drug Survey 2022

Welcome to GDS2022.

Thank you for taking part and adding your experience to the world’s largest drug survey. The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is independent and free from the influence of government funding or commercial interests. The funds we generate go into running the survey and creating free harm reduction tools.

Our international team is committed to helping make drug use safer regardless of the legal status of the drug and promoting honest conversations about drug use across the world.

This year’s survey will take most people 20-30 minutes.

This year GDS is looking at how you think drug laws should be changed, as well as how drug laws and policing have affected you. Moreover, we want to know how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted access to drugs, nightlife and festivals. Finally, we are interested in the use of psychedelic drugs and entheogens in sexual contexts.

GDS2022 is hosted on an encrypted survey platform. It’s anonymous and confidential. You don’t need to give any personally identifiable details. We do not record your IP address.

You can save and return to complete the survey at a later date if you don’t want to complete it today.

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You must be at least 16 years old to participate and have read the information sheet below.
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Completing the survey is completely voluntary. You do not have to take part and you can choose which sections you wish to answer. Once started, you can withdraw from the survey at any stage, but please note the data you have entered up until that point will be saved and used.

Please read the following information sheet before continuing to the survey, and get in touch with the research team if anything is unclear or you have further questions.